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UK Spouse Visa – True Life Story

Zaidi Immigration Solicitors unveil a new video that discusses a true immigration life story of a British national who is desperately trying to bring her Moroccan national husband to the UK on a spouse visa.

Let me tell you my story, my name is Christina Cruz and last year I traveled to Marrakech for a well deserved vacation, and that is where I met Hakam. He was working as a tour guide and during the tour we began discussing history and architecture and we seemed to have the same interests. After the tour, Hakam invited to show me the rest of Marrakech and we were initially good friends that enjoyed each other’s company. During the remainder of my vacation I spent nearly every day with Hakam and we fell madly in love with each other.

I returned to the UK at the end of my visit and I made three short trips to Marrakech and on my last visit we decided to get married. The marriage took place a few weeks later in Marrakech and we were finally husband and wife. Once we were legally married, Hakam decided to visit me in London, however he made an unsuccessful UK visit visa application. The Home Office was not satisfied that Hakam was a genuinely seeking visitor and they believed that he would not return to Morocco within his visa period. Hakam then decided to apply for a fiancé visa and this was also refused. Therefore after two refusals we decided to focus our efforts on applying for a UK spouse visa.

When I returned to the UK, I began researching the law and procedure in respect of applying for a UK spouse visa. I found the Home office website extremely unhelpful and therefore I searched for information via Google. My understanding of the UK immigration rules was limited and therefore I decided to contact immigration solicitors based in London and I explained to them that I had two jobs and I earned approximately £ 18,700.00 per year. I received mixed advice from the solicitors I spoke to and some firms said that I failed to satisfy the minimum income threshold requirement, while other firms appeared to have limited knowledge of the UK immigration rules.

I then searched UK spouse visa on YouTube and I found Zaidi Solicitors and they had a video that specifically discussed and explained the process when applying for a spouse visa application. I immediately called the Zaidi Solicitors London number and after a few rings I was speaking to a highly skilled and experienced Immigration Solicitor and they advised me to book an initial consultation. I was initially hesitant because I had previously discussed my case with many firms, however Zaidi Solicitors seemed different, they had a good understanding of the immigration rules and they were direct, accessible and all the reviews and feedback from previous clients were positive.

At the consultation I was advised regarding the spouse visa process and the documents required in support of the application. Zaidi Solicitors provided an initial assessment of the case and reviewed my financial papers, including pay-slips and bank statements. They advised me that my financial evidence confirmed that I satisfied the minimum income threshold requirement. I was so relieved and I was now dreaming of my life with Hakam.

A few days later I contacted Zaidi Solicitors and instructed them to deal with Hakam’s immigration case. Zaidi Solicitors initially sent me a detailed email requesting information and evidence in support of Hakam’s application. Once I sent all the relevant information, Zaidi Solicitors completed and submitted Hakam’s online visa application form and booked an appointment at the British embassy for Hakam to submit the physical paper-work.

Zaidi Solicitors then completed the relevant appendix form and they reviewed my documents in support of Hakam’s application and this included, financial papers confirming that I met the minimum income threshold requirement, evidence confirming my accommodation position and evidence confirming that me and Hakam have a genuine and subsisting relationship and that we have an intention to live together in the UK. Zaidi prepared a detailed statement addressing the points raised in the previous refusal decisions and that was included in support of Hakam’s spouse visa application.

One week later, Hakam submitted the physical documents at the British embassy and nearly 7 weeks later he was granted a UK spouse visa. I love my life with Hakam and I thank Zaidi Solicitors for making this all possible. If you have an urgent UK immigration matter, I recommend Zaidi Solicitors, they avoid legal jargon and they provide clear, concise and practical legal advice.

Zaidi Immigration Solicitors are a leading human rights law firm based in London and Luton and we deal with all aspects of immigration law, including UK spouse visas, deportation and removaldetention and bail and human rights applications.

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