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POD02 The UK Immigration Debate : Skype Fathers and the Impact of MITR

The UK Immigration Debate


Hello and welcome to the second episode of our new podcast series: ‘The UK Immigration Debate’ where we discuss all things immigration.

My name is Ali Zaidi and I am senior UK Immigration Solicitor from leading Human Rights law firm, Zaidi Solicitors.


 Please take note that all information discussed in this podcast is for information and discussion purposes only and is not formal legal advice about immigration law and should not viewed as such. If you require further legal assistance please go to the law society website for advice on consulting a specialist UK immigration solicitor.

 Today we will be discussing the impact of the minimum income threshold requirement on families and the creation of Skype families.

Children Commissioners Report

A children’s commissioners report has found that at least 15,000 British children are living with single parents in the UK due to the impact of the MITR and has resulted in the creation of Skype families. Also research by the Joint Council for the welfare of immigrants and Middlesex University confirms that half the adult population in the UK would NOT satisfy the MITR. It is clear that the MITR that was introduced in 2012 by the Coalition Government for one main reason, to reduce net immigration and that was the primary goal. It appears that we are living in a big brother state where we are forced to marry partners within the UK and European Union and marrying overseas is merely a pipe dream.

Skype Fathers

The impact of the MITR has created Skype kids and this means that the only meaningful interaction or communication between a father and his child is through a video service known as Skype and in essence children are growing up without their fathers. The threshold requirement is driving families apart and has resulted in couples separating and even divorcing. Couples have also suffered from stress, anxiety and depression and the effect on children’s emotional and physical development is extremely worrying. Studies have revealed that children growing up in a nuclear family with a loving, warm and stable environment are more likely to be productive and more well rounded individuals. Therefore the MITR has destroyed the fabric of British society and the best interests of the children should be the primary consideration.

Impact of MITR

The minimum requirement has affected British citizens living abroad, especially those who are in long term relationships with non-EEA nationals and have experienced difficulty in returning to UK because they fail to satisfy the MITR. The requirement fails to address the rights of British nationals working abroad and compared to EEA nationals exercising EEA treaty rights, it is easier for them to bring a partner from overseas compared to making an application under the UK immigration rules. Also it has been suggested that the MITR should have been taken into account regional income, for example the salary level in London compared to Leeds may differ.

In my view the MITR unlawful, unfair and disproportionate and was created purely to reduce net immigration, rather than the narrative that the financial threshold is saving taxpayers money, if this is the case we should be provided with hard evidence.


Last year the Court of Appeal ruled that the MITR was lawful and failed to accept that the rules breached the right to family and private life. It is highly likely that further challenges to the rules will take place and hopefully common-sense will prevail. I feel that that the MITR should be abolished or the financial requirement of £ 18,600.00 should be replaced by a figure in a region of £ 12,000.00 to 14,000.00 gross. The MITR has created Skype families and has resulted in the erosion of the traditional family unit and is evil and sinister and is an example of the Conservative party’s UKIP style immigration policy and the further stage to the creation of a Big Brother State in a country that welcomed immigrants and the UK was once considered one of the most democratic and fairest countries in the world.

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