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The Conservative Government UK immigration policy is heavily influenced by public opinion and the views of UKIP’s charismatic leader, Nicholas Farage. It appears that Mr Cameron is more comfortable in being a follower, rather than a commander and chief of our great nation. The reputation of our country is being tarnished due to an illogical, ridiculous and sinister immigration policy that creates tension and hostility in our local communities and gives the impression that visitors are not welcome to the UK. Instead our UK immigration should provide an amnesty for illegal immigrants with no leave to remain if they have skills and expertise that we require, for example nurses, engineers and scientists. However the Home office prefer a more aggressive approach that involves forcibly removing illegal immigrants from the UK.

The Home Office should also treat all in country leave to remain applications on the basis of marriage to a British national on an exceptional and compassionate basis, rather than expecting all UK sponsors to satisfy the minimum income threshold requirement. This requirement is a clear violation of Article 8 of the ECHR Human Rights Act, however the Court of Appeal have recently ruled in favour of the Home Office and this supports the argument that we live in a ‘ big brother and nanny state’ and that the UK is no longer a free and open society.

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Article by Ali Nawab Zaidi, an Immigration Solicitor at Zaidi UK Immigration Solicitors London

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