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POD06 The UK Immigration Debate : Family Visit Visa Refusals, The Unwritten Quota System


Hello and welcome to the sixth episode of our new series: ‘The UK Immigration

Debate’ where we discuss all things immigration.

My name is Ali Zaidi and I am senior UK Immigration Solicitor from leading Human

Rights law firm, Zaidi Solicitors.


Please take note that all information discussed in this podcast is for information and

discussion purposes only and is not formal legal advice about immigration law and

should not viewed as such. If you require further legal assistance please go to the law

society website for advice on consulting a specialist UK immigration solicitor.


Today we will be the discussing the increase in visit visa refusals and the Home

Office’s unwritten quota system.

Under David Cameron’s leadership the UK is now considered globally as a country

that no longer welcomes visitors and migrants and instead looks at them with both

suspicion and distain. We were once considered a great democratic country that

welcomed all visitors and treated migrants in a just and fair manner, however the UK

has now adopted an anti-immigration policy that is rigid, unwelcoming, unfair and

unjust. This is highlighted by changes to family visit visa applications and the

removal of full rights of appeal. Since the general election the Home Office has

adopted an unwritten quota system and this has resulted in huge rise in family visa

applications being refused and therefore applicants are faced with a decision, do they

re-apply or is there any way to challenge the refusal decision.

If an applicant decides to re-apply it is necessary to submit a new application form

accompanied with fresh evidence and a new visa fee. If you feel that the ECO has

failed to consider any supporting evidence it may be possible to send representations

to the EC Manager for reconsideration of the application.

Also it may be possible for an applicant to lodge a human rights appeal or make an

application for Judicial Review. However, I feel the first option is more appropriate as

long as the applicant can show that the proposed visit shows strong human rights

issues. If the applicant shows that the visit engages human rights, this will determine

if a right to appeal is granted in the case. However, it may be the case that an

applicant lodges a human rights appeal and after a few months the Tribunal decide

that no human rights grounds have been raised and therefore no right to appeal is

granted in the matter.

The changes to visit visa applications and the unwritten quota system highlight the

Government’s obsession with reducing and controlling net immigration. Also these

changes to the UK immigration rules may be considered racist, discriminatory,

draconian and archaic and have created a hostile environment and disharmony

especially in ethnic communities across the UK.

Canada has elected a new Liberal government on a pro-immigration platform. This is

in contrast to the UK government that was elected by the British people on an antiimmigration

platform. Canada is a new country that views immigrants as the future,

and they have a strict, yet fair point based immigration system that encourages

migrants to settle in the country. This is in complete contrast to the UK where

migrants have to satisfy financial requirements and periods of residence merely to

qualify to naturalisation. The UK should be extremely mindful that countries like

Canada with a positive immigration policy is more likely to attract the best and

brightest talent and the UK will be a country that people visit for sightseeing only.

The UK is living of its past reputation rather than looking to the future and in the

current political climate any suitably qualified non-EEA national would prefer

Canada over the UK and a few years that would have been unthinkable, however now

it’s a reality due to our unwelcoming anti-immigration policy.

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