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POD04 The UK Immigration Debate : No More Asylum Seekers


Hello and welcome to the fourth episode of our new series: ‘The UK Immigration Debate’ where we discuss all things immigration.

My name is Ali Zaidi and I am senior UK Immigration Solicitor from leading Human Rights law firm, Zaidi Solicitors.


Please take note that all information discussed in this podcast is for information and discussion purposes only and is not formal legal advice about immigration law and should not viewed as such. If you require further legal assistance please go to the law society website for advice on consulting a specialist UK immigration solicitor.

Today we will be discussing Theresa May’s planned changes to the UK asylum laws.

Theresa May and her Conservative government are planning to introduce new measures that will limit and reduce asylum claims in the UK. It has been proposed that migrants fleeing their countries due to fear of persecution, ill treatment or torture should have their asylum claim processed in a rich neighbouring countries. This proposal is not practical and it is only workable if the rich neighbouring country is willing to accept the specific migrant. For example, countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have not taken any Syrian refugees and instead have provided financial support.

The Refugee Council has stated that the proposal to close Britain’s borders is “thoroughly chilling”. While the Institute of Directors said it was astonished by the Home Secretary’s “irresponsible rhetoric”.

My view is that this proposal shows a shift towards a non-humanitarian immigration policy and an island mentality. It appears that the UK is now a closed shop that no longer welcomes the destitute and persecuted in society.

The Home Secretary has also proposed the following changes to the asylum process:

  1. To return asylum seekers when it is safe for them to return to their countries
  2. Asylum seekers to be provided with no automatic right or minimum stay of protection in the UK if they have previously claimed asylum when travelling through a safe country
  3. Taking action against countries that refuse to take back people that have been served with a UK deportation order, due to a lack of documentation
  4. Not accepting asylum claims from other EU citizens under Spanish Protocol of the Lisbon Treaty

The latest official figures confirms that net immigration is at 330,000 and therefore despite the Home office’s continuing tinkering of the UK immigration rules they have still failed to reduce net immigration.

Theresa May has also suggested the following new measures:

  1. To ensure that overseas students return home when they complete their studies
  2. Not permitting EU migrants on low income in the UK to claim benefits
  3. Limiting the rights of partners of EEA nationals to remain in the UK

The new measures proposed by Theresa May have been heavily criticized, however it appear that the Home Office are determined to adopt an anti-immigration policy and employ a scatter gun approach that too date has failed to reduce net immigration. To conclude, I feel that these new measures are an attack on our asylum process, rule of law and sense of democracy. If the Home Office is not challenged I fear for the worst and the UK will no longer be considered a safe haven for the vulnerable and persecuted.

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