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POD01 The UK Immigration Debate : Not my problem – The Migrant Crisis

The UK Immigration Debate


Hello and welcome to the first episode of our new series: ‘The UK Immigration Debate’ where we discuss all things immigration.

My name is Ali Zaidi and I am senior UK Immigration Solicitor from leading Human Rights law firm, Zaidi Solicitors


Please take note that all information discussed in this podcast is for information and discussion purposes only and is not formal legal advice about immigration law and should not viewed as such. If you require further legal assistance please go to the law society website for advice on consulting a specialist UK immigration solicitor.

Today we will be discussing the current migrant crisis and specifically focusing on the plight of the Syrian migrants and the UK Government’s response to this humanitarian disaster.

UK Government’s Policy

The UK government has agreed to accept 20,000 Syrian refugees over a five years period and for me this figure is far too low and the response is totally inadequate. The UK is a world leader and instead our approach has been cowardly and shows no clear long-term policy on tackling the migrant crisis and fails to address the current needs of the Syrian migrants.

The Threat of ISIS

The UK government have suggested that ISIS may use the migrant crisis as an avenue to enter the UK on a legitimate basis. This may be correct, however the safety of the fleeing migrants should outweigh any possible terror threat.

The UK adopts a muddled foreign policy dictated by self-interest in the sense that historically the UK helped the Saudi Royal family to spread the Wahabi ideology as a political tool and continue to have good relations despite hard evidence that Saudi Arabia along with Qatar are directly or indirectly funding ISIS and other Wahabi terrorist groups. Saudi Arabia have the same ideology as ISIS so the question is why does the UK and United States openly support Saudi Arabia and criticise Iran, a country that follows a more progressive form of Islam. The reasons for supporting the Saudi’s include oil for protection and also it is in the West’s interests to have ISIS and other Wahabi terror groups in the Middle East to maintain conflict in the Middle East. If there is no war there is no necessity to buy guns, tanks and other military weapons and in essence a trouble free Middle East is bad for business especially for countries like the UK and US.

Rich Gulf States Response

The Rich gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain have failed to accept any Syrian migrants and have instead provided financial support. What these countries have in common is the spreading of the Wahabi ideology and therefore accepting refugees may affect the status quo.

Germany’s Response

Countries such as Lebanon and Germany have shown the world what is possible if we have an open heart. Germany under the leadership of Merkel was heavily criticised for accepting Syrian migrants, however despite political pressure she has adopted a humanitarian policy.

Labour Party Policy

The Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership promotes a diplomatic option that involves dialogue with Iran and Russia. This is contrary to the narrative promoted by the United States, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.


The UK government’s relationship with Saudi Arabia versus protection of Syrian migrants shows a clear conflict of interest.

Diplomatic solution to migrant crisis not pursued and that narrative is that ISIS and Assad’s Syria are the aggressors and only a limited military action will be sanctioned.

It is necessary to resolve the root problem that involves stopping the funding of ISIS and imposing political sanctions on Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Also a mandate should be sought from the UN confirming that a military option may be pursued to purely remove ISIS threat in Syria, rather than following the United States divide and conquer approach to foreign policy. Also it is imperative that Russia and Iran are part of the negotiations with a view to fighting ISIS. If we remove ISIS from Syria the migrants can all return home and this is the only solution to this humanitarian crisis.

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