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Zaidi Immigration Solicitors Kilburn discuss the Government’s latest plan to tackle illegal immigration in the UK.

David Cameron’s plan to seize wages of illegal immigrants is both absurd and totally ridiculous. How will it be possible to seize wages of illegal immigrants that are paid cash in hand?

If an applicant has no leave to remain in the UK, however an application is still pending consideration with the Home Office, the question is how is this person supposed to financially survive if they have no permission to enter employment. The present UK immigration system leaves such persons in a limbo and they are forced to work in order to financially maintain themselves. The plan to seize wages is practically not workable due to the hidden economy that has a ‘cash in hand’ culture.

Also the Home Office has the power to request banks to check their customers’ immigration status and to ascertain if they are working illegally in the UK. A similar requirement also applies to landlords and the Home Office seems to be ‘passing the buck’ and placing the responsibility of checking a person’s identity with others. The Home Office appears to be incapable of performing basic tasks and the policy is now to shift the responsibility and blame to other individuals and institutions. If this is the case, why do we need the Home Office to operate UK immigration policy and maybe we should instead have a private company that runs the whole show. Another idea would be to privatize the Home Office and this may result in a more accountable organization that makes more logical and rational decisions.

The measures outlined in this article are merely an extension of the sinister Human Rights Act 2014. This piece of legislation has opened the door for a Big Brother approach to immigration and will result in the erosion of basic civil liberties.

Another measure recently introduced by the Home Office is the Immigration Health Surcharge and this applies to applicants wishing to apply for immigration applications in the UK and those wishing to apply for UK visas from abroad. This surcharge requires payment prior to submitting an application and covers the right to access the NHS.

All these measures are a further crackdown on illegal immigration in the UK, however the landlord requirement has been a complete failure and the same result is expected of the seizure of wages and closure of bank accounts.

The Home Office’s UK immigration policy is both flawed and illogical and will not result in reducing net immigration.


Article by Zaidi Immigration Solicitors Kilburn, Holborn and Hammersmith

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