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The Destruction of a Free and Open Society – Immigration Solicitors London

Zaidi UK Immigration Solicitors London – The UK Immigration Bill received Royal Assent on 14.05.2014 with the aim of reducing and controlling illegal immigration in the UK.A few highlights of the UK Immigration Bill include reducing the number of immigration decisions that can appealed and that foreign criminals should be first deported and their appeals should be heard later and therefore reducing the number of in country appeals.

Also the court’s application of Article 8 of the ECHR should be dictated and influenced by parliament and therefore the independence of the judiciary will be open to question and we are gradually moving away from the concept of a separation of powers. If the UK Judiciary loses its independence, it will result in the destruction of our country’s free and open society. How can David Cameron question the actions of Vladimir Putin, when he himself is introducing an Immigration Bill which will create an environment of ethnic profiling and may result in further hostility and disharmony between the ethnic minority communities and the police?

The Home Office have made it clear that the right to a right to a family life is not be considered as an absolute right. This application of article 8 of the ECHR is both unlawful and illegal and in time the UK immigration Bill will be challenged in the Courts. These measures introduced by the Home Office show the destruction of a free and open society in the UK.

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Article by Zaidi Immigration Solicitors London

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